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We are a decentralized team that will gradually centralize as regulations evolve. But, we will keep as much as possible a decentralized DNA by allowing teams and partners around the world to collaborate continuously on the Bamonyo utility token.


Our business approach is local as we create alliances with already existing and functioning networks such as major events, sales networks operating with sponsorship, IT agencies and local marketing agencies.

We also create lasting and strategic partnerships with solid financial networks.

We highly reward the commitment of people who get involved with us and we do everything to ensure that this continues over time.

We value the quality of the implementation and attach great importance to the way things are done.


Vedat Gedik co-fondateur Bamonyo

Vedat GEDIK - Co-Founder

Director of digital and marketing

Vedat is an international marketing specialist. He masters all subjects related to the creation of mobile applications, the set up of platforms and the areas of blockchain, exchanges, tokens, etc. He is the digital guy of the project in relation with the technical and marketing teams.

Send your business proposals to:

Mathias Pogba co-fondateur Bamonyo

Mathias POGBA - Co-Founder

Director of partnerships with VIP

Mathias is a soccer player with an incredible network. He is the twin brother of Florentin. He brings to the project his image and the image rights of his network. He also brings partnerships with company managers made up of thousands of product sellers who are starting to distribute BAM crypto.

Send your business proposals to:

Florentin Pogba co-fondateur Bamonyo

Florentin POGBA - Co-Founder

Director of partnerships with VIP

Florentin is an international soccer player. He brings to the project a large number of celebrities and professional players who play in many countries. He was at the origin of the project because it is thanks to him that the first teams were able to unite. He is the strong glue of the company. He is motivated by all aspects of the project.

Send your business proposals to:

Guillaume Gabillet co-fondateur Bamonyo

Guillaume GABILLET - Co-Founder

Director of hotel construction

Guillaume is the construction guy. He is the one who brings innovation around Tinya Home tiny houses. He created the first sample model and continues with his teams to produce the best possible unit for the construction of all hotels. He is an expert in his field.

Construction department

Send your business proposals to:

Send your business proposals to:

Camille SEMET - Co-founder

Director operations manager

Camille Semet co-fondateur Bamonyo

Camille is basically a football player agent. He is at the origin of the project and he brought from the start a thousand contacts of professional football players! He is our guy to industrialize partnerships with football players and manage all the hotels in the group with his teams.


We are looking for hundreds of employees or independent collaborators willing to get involved with us. That's why if you have a talent, don't hesitate to join us and let us know your interest.

We are looking for collaborators in Asia, North and South America, Africa, Europe, Russia and Australia.

Send us an email with your resume (curriculum vitae) to

IT Developers, IT security and server managers

We are looking for IT developers specializing in custom platform development, mobile application development, IT security and server management.

Maketing opertion managers

We are looking for very complete profiles in marketing who can manage social networks, the publication of articles in many countries, the production of videos, the management of celebrities, etc.

Partnership managers

We have 6 ongoing partnership programs like Sponsorship, Partnering with Venture Capitalists, Business Owners, Media Owners and Influencers. We are looking for experts in each country who can lead and develop its partnerships.



Our company is a fast growing company. This is the reason why we are looking for already established networks of people or better, platforms on which we can plug our project!

We are open to hundreds of partnerships with advertising agencies, influencer groups, music producers, restaurant chain owners, event managers, sports and charity club presidents.

For everyone, we have imagined partnership programs that are easy to deploy and can allow you to earn Bamonyo tokens on a large scale.

If you think you can develop the partnerships of the company, know that we need you!

All strengths and positive energies are welcome.

Wherever you are in the world, if you want to join the adventure co-founded by the Pogba twins, now is the time to prove yourself and prove your talent!

Everything is possible, everything is going very quickly, everything is promising. It is now! Come as you are and work from where you feel!

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