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Custom deal

For large investors such as investment funds, traditional venture capitalists or those specialized in the crypto industry, we have imagined different possibilities of deals.

For each investor profile we have proposals to offer you. It will depend on the network you bring with you and the amounts you want to invest.

What is most important to you to know is that investing in crypto projects is trendy and offers a lot of opportunities. We are one among many others, but we are a 2nd generation project opportunity based on very solid technological infrastructures such as Ethereum and Polygon. Additionally, many exchanges have already approved the Bamonyo token and its usefulness. This is why you can be reassured, by this point because once listed the Bamonyo token will be offered for sale to millions of customers of its exchanges and you will set your own price of the token you wish to sell. Also on the marketing side, we are extremely prepared with an incredible network of celebrities ready to defend the crypto BAM.

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