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Are you an event professional and organize events with a large audience?

Optimize your earnings by offering your prospects and visitors to register for free (at the entrance of your events) in our ICO platform allowing people to buy Bamonyo coins at its initial price.

On each purchase, you will receive 40% of the purchases in BAM token to your account in our ICO platform.


You organize an event welcoming 1000 people in the crypto industry and you offer to all your guests to create an account on tokens.bamonyo.com because Bamonyo is an important partner of your event. Registration is extremely easy because people just have to enter their email address and click on the automatic link received. And that's it, there won't be anything else to do. Then, on your side you will simply need to download the emails of your visitors into your dedicated space in the sponsorship platform of Bamonyo.

Subsequently, your guests will receive all the useful information to enable them to participate in the Bamonyo project.


You will have sponsored 1000 of your guests and if 5% of them buy on average 1000 € of BAM token, you will have won 50,000 BAM (= 50,000 € because the price in Initial Coin Offering is 1 BAM = 1 €).

But it does not stop there! Indeed, our referral program is multi-level and it is one of the most rewarding referral programs in the world. Here's how BAM bonuses are paid out:

  • 1st line -> 40% of purchases of BAMs in BAM

  • 2nd line -> 25% of purchases of BAMs in BAM

  • 3rd line -> 15% of purchases of BAMs in BAM

  • 4th line -> 10% of purchases of BAMs in BAM

  • 5th line -> 10% of purchases of BAMs in BAM

To explain you better: You sponsor Aaron an Aaron will be in your 1st line. Then if Aaron sponsors Cléa, Cléa will be in your 2nd line. Then if Cléa sponsors Daniel, Daniel will be in your 3rd line. Then if Daniel sponsors Eva, Eva will be in your 4th line. And to finalize, if Eva sponsors Fanny, Fanny will be in your 5th line.

So if you are looking for some significant passive rewards through your events, now is the perfect time to do so. Because once your guests are registered, they will be regularly invited to participate in our referral program. It can therefore go very quickly if from the start in your first line you have 1000 registered referrals who know the world of crypto.

The amounts that can be invested depend greatly on the interest of your visitors in crypto projects. The closer you are to this theme, the more your results can reach new heights.

Here is a printable sheet to help you succeed with your sponsorship: Download