Amazing rewardings

The sponsorship program of the project is a multi-level and one of the most rewarding referral programs in the world.

To explain you better: You sponsor Aaron and Aaron will be in your 1st line. Then if Aaron sponsors Cléa, Cléa will be in your 2nd line. Then if Cléa sponsors Daniel, Daniel will be in your 3rd line. Then if Daniel sponsors Eva, Eva will be in your 4th line. And to finalize, if Eva sponsors Fanny, Fanny will be in your 5th line.


Here's how BAM bonuses are paid out:

  • 1st line -> 40% of purchases of BAMs in BAM

  • 2nd line -> 25% of purchases of BAMs in BAM

  • 3rd line -> 15% of purchases of BAMs in BAM

  • 4th line -> 10% of purchases of BAMs in BAM

  • 5th line -> 10% of purchases of BAMs in BAM

So if you are looking for some significant passive rewards through your network and your networking talent, this is the right moment to start to do it.

Technically speaking, sponsoring someone is very easy. All you need to do is send the registration link to your contact: tokens.bamonyo.com.

Your contacts enter their email and automatically receive a link which they click on. And that's it, registration ends here for your contacts. Then on your side, all you have to do is enter the email address of your friends here: Declaration of referrals

Important Info: By creating a referral method that suits you, you will increase your results incredibly! To do this, you will need to ask yourself the right questions, such as: How do I bring my loved ones together? How to motivate them to adopt my method? How to trigger their desire to bring together their loved ones afterwards? How to trigger purchases of BAMs during our meeting? Why is it so important that my guests buy BAMs while we are all together? Why is it also very important to create a WhatsApp or Telegram group in common with my referrals?

Here is a for example a method: "Coffee method"

There are so many other ways of doing sponsorship. For example, sponsoring people who already specialize in sponsorship techniques and who are part of companies whose entire business is based on sponsorship.

Or alternatively, you can sponsor association managers organizing events such as student parties or managers of entertainment events, etc. Because once their guests are registered, they will be also invited to participate in the referral program. It can therefore go very quickly if from the start in your 2nd line you have 1000 registered referrals.

Here is a printable sheet to help you succeed with your sponsorship: Download